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Sport & Tourism Promotion

Denali Outdoor Events

Sport & Tourism Promotion and Denali Outdoor Events have joined forces to create the Expe Series concept.

Well known in the sports events landscape in Belgium and France, the 2 organizers are behind several recognized events such as the Iron Lakes, the Air Games, the Xterra or the Sand Race.

Their common passions for endurance sports and adventure gave birth to a new project: "Expe Series" and a desire to boost Gravel, a discipline in full expansion.



The team

Photo Co.jpg

Colin Goubau

Colin Goubau is one of the two co-founders of Denali Outdoor Events.


Living as close as possible to the Alps, Colin spends all his free time in the mountains to practice outdoor sports such as trail running, ski touring and paragliding .

Photo Badoux

Florian Badoux

Florian Badoux is co-founder of the Sport & Tourism Promotion association.


Complete athlete, Florian is keen on outdoor disciplines such as triathlon, mountain biking or running.

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Simon trussart

Simon Trussart is one of the two co-founders of Denali Outdoor Events.

With a physical education graduate, Simon enjoys many sports. On weekends, you will meet him especially on a gravel route or during a paragliding getaway.

Our mission


Live and share daily adventures

Reconnect with nature

One of the fundamental aspects of outdoor sports is the communion that practitioners experience with nature. It is this reconnection with our environment that we want to promote.


Our expeditions are accessible all the time and are not subject to the constraints of gathering people. Enjoy sporting courses in complete safety.

In total autonomy

The adventure begins at home. With Expe-Series, you learn to plan your expedition in order to take it on in complete autonomy.


Expe-Series begins with gravel, a discipline that is becoming increasingly important in our regions. Stay alert because other disciplines such as trail or road cycling will emerge quickly.